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Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-FX Processor
Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-FX Processor
Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-FX Processor

Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-FX Processor

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  • 20-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion sampling at 44.1 kHz
  • 80 preset memory locations
  • 100 internal User memory locations
  • 100 User memory locations available on optional memory card
  • MIDI control of parameters and patch change
  • Tempo-based Delay Time Programming
  • 3-stage effect configuration


  • 3-band PEQ
  • Compressor
  • Harmonic Driver
  • Compressor, Dist. and EQ

Main Effects

  • REVERB: Reverb, Filtered Reverb, Stereo Reverb, Echo Room
  • EARLY REFLECTIONS: Thin Early Reflection, Fat Early Reflection, Gate Reverb, Reverse Gate
  • DELAY and ECHO: Delay L, C, R, Echo, Multi Tap Delay, Stereo Echo, Tempo Mono Echo, Tempo .Stereo Echo, Tempo Quad Echo
  • MODULATION: Flanger, Dual Flanger, FM Chorus, AM Chorus, Phaser, Symphonic
  • PITCH CHANGE: Mono Pitch Change, Dual Pitch Change, Triple Pitch Change, Stereo Pitch Change;
  • PAN: Auto Pan, Triggered Pan
  • COMPLEX EFFECTS: Chorus and Reverb, Symphonic and Reverb, Flanger and Reverb, Reverb (L) / Reverb (R), ER (L)/ Reverb (R), Echo (L) / Reverb (R), Chorus (L) / Reverb (R), Pan (L) / Pan (R)
  • FREEZE: Freeze

Post Effects

  • 3-band PEQ
  • Compressor
  • Harmonic Driver


- Power cord

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