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Panasonic ET-DLE050 Lense 0.8:1
Panasonic ET-DLE050 Lense 0.8:1

Panasonic ET-DLE050 Lense 0.8:1

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Panasonic ET-DLE050 Overview

This Panasonic Short Focus Fixed Projection Lens ET-DLE050 adds flexibility for rear projection installations and setups that require large images with close proximity to the screen.


Compatible Projectors


    • Panasonic D Series
      • PT D3500E/U 
      • PT D4000E/U/L 
      • PT D5000E/U/LS 
      • PT D5500E/U/L 
      • PT D5600E/U/L 
      • PT D5700E/U/L 
      • PT D6000E/U/L/S/K 


    • Panasonic DW Series
      • PT DW5000E/U/L
      • PT DW5100E/U/L 
      • PT DW530E/U 
      • PT DW6300E/L/S/K 
      • PT DW640 /E/U/L/S/K 


    • Panasonic DZ Series
      • PT DZ6700E/U/L 
      • PT DZ6710E/U/L
      • PT DZ680 K/L/S 
      • PT DZ770 K/L/S 
      • PT DZ780/L 
      • PT DZ8700E/U 
      • PT DZ870 /E/U/L/S/K


Throw to Screen Width Ratio

The throw to screen width ratio is: 0.8:1

Panasonic ET-DLE050 Specs

Lens Type Short focus fixed projection lens
Focal Length Not specified
f/Stop Not specified
Screen Size 50 to 200" (127 to 508 cm)
Projection Distance 2.6 to 10.77' (0.79 to 3.28 m)
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