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Instant Replay 360 Jingle Player

Instant Replay 360 Jingle Player

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360 System DR-554 E-24

This is an industry standard recorder/playback unit for broadcast and theater settings. Perfect for sound effects, phrases, etc when you need them on demand/on cue. Complete features and specs, plus the pdf manual, are all available online.

This one works great. It has a few scuffs here and there, but nothing too bad. There is a name markered on the top that we didn't get off, but with a little more effort you should be able to if it bothers you.

Just see the pictures, several angles.

Version 2.3 software already installed. It comes with the power cable, and the manual is on the 360 site.

These are hard to find on the used market, and they typically sell for a lot more than this. We certainly have it priced to move!


  • Units are in good working and cosmetic shape.
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