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Clair BT-218 sub
Clair BT-218 sub

Clair BT-218 sub

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Enclosure Information

The Clair BT-218 is a front-loaded dual 18-inch speaker enclosure capable of generating tremendous SPL while eliminating port noise. Designed for main sound system, or side fill low-end support, the BT-218 sub provides maximum low frequency augmentation in conjunction with any Clair speaker product.
Proprietary crossover technology allows the BT-218 to withstand punishing levels while accurately and cleanly reproducing the low frequency tones that are vital to many of today’s productions, regardless of the source; kick drum, bass guitar, keyboards, low frequency samples, or simply playback music. The result is a smooth, high-impact performance. Constructed of durable Finland Birch, the BT-218 can survive the rigors of any portable application or intense operating condition.
Cabinets may be used in multiple stacked or flown configurations, including steered center and cardioid arrays. Recessed grooves and an integrated mating lip provide an extra level of safety for stacking.



  • Two 8-ohm 18” speakers


  • One EP4 male and one EP4 female, wired in parallel.



  • 116 kg
  • Height: 1.22m 
  • Width: 0.81m 
  • Depth: 0.56m



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