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dbx, Quantum II
dbx, Quantum II

DBX Quantum II Dynamic Processor

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The Quantum is a dual mono/stereo digital mastering tool that offers sampling rates up to 96kHz, with a true 48-bit digital signal path, and dbx dynamics processing, now available as a multi-band system. A crossover splits the signal into 4 bands, and each band may be individually gated, compressed, and limited. The unit can also be used as a traditional broadband compressor.

The unit's intuitive operating system allows easy access to the menu driven system. Alternatly it can be remotely controlled from a PC, thereby utlizing the increased display area of the computer monitor. The user can use the 4-band crossover, with independent slope selection, to split the incoming signal into the 4-bands. A 5-band EQ offers 3 bands of parametric EQ with variable Q, adaptable or constant Q, and low and high shelving filters. The Quantum also comes with the TYPE IV Conversion System, which captures the character of any analog signal to the digital domain. With the help of TSE Tape Saturation Emulation, the unit can retain the original warmth of the recording, while giving it the clarity and versatility needed in today's digital world of music production and mastering.

The output of the Quantum can be dithered down to 24, 20, or 16-bits using dbx's custom dither algorithms. For more versatility the unit provides full MIDI/SysEx control, and internal/external sync capability. And if ever the software gets changed, it will be available as a download from the companyss Internet site and installed via the MIDI ports.

4-band stereo compressor, gate, limiter with EQ

Multi-Band Mode

Allows compression and spectral balancing of four independent bands on any single source, without getting into the usual problems of pumping and breathing
5-band EQ - hi andlow shelves, 3-band fully parametric. Shelves have switchable slops of 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12dB/octave
EQ can be possitioned pre dynamics, post dynamics, or in the dynamics sidechain
24-bit/96kHz analog to digital, and digital to analog converters
48-bit internal signal path for increased headroom and low noise
Type IV A/D conversion with Tape Saturation Emulation
Dither outputs to 16, 20 and 24-bits, and sample rate conversion
12 segment analog and input and output meters
Digital metering of input, output and gain reduction for each band
PC GUI control
Hi-res graph shows composite output vs. input plot for each band

Graphic Display

Large high-resolution LCD with high-contrast LED backlight
Open-ended and "future-proof" architecture allows for future software upgrades


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- Power cord


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